"Embrace the Journey" Turquoise Cuff

  • $175.00

✨Be reminded when you wear this to embrace the journey of life! Remember, you chose this journey .. make it your own and enjoy it .. bumps and all!

✨This bracelet comes with a meaning card relating to the healing qualities of turquoise.
The card reads: "Enhances a sturdy individualism, a confident will, & a pioneering spirit. Master healing stone that helps heal and strengthen the entire body. Promotes peace & inner contentment, and is worn for luck, love, and communication."

✨the Cuff is hand stamped with "embrace the journey" hand-formed and then quality 14k gold plated over brass .. no cheap flash plating here!

✨A turquoise wrap is then connected to the ends of the cuff creating a totally unique triple wrap bracelet ! You can even REMOVE the stone wrap and wear either the cuff or the wrap bracelet alone! Talk about versatility ! Wanna get real creative? Wear the stone wrap as a collar necklace!
✨since each piece is hand made slight variations will occur adding to the beauty and uniqueness of your piece!

✨extend the life of your beautiful jewelry and remove it before showering, swimming, or doing the dishes. Also avoid getting lotions and perfume directly on your jewelry.

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